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The established Thai Rubber Gloves Manufacturers Association (TRGMA) is testament to the importance and ambitions of rubber glove manufacturers both within Thailand and on the wider, global stage. It will provide a platform for discussion and exchange of views aimed at furthering the commercial objectives of its members and promoting a solid trade fraternity.

By offering this platform and encouraging a better common understanding between rubber glove manufacturers, the Thai Rubber Glove Manufacturers Association, TRGMA, will work to improve product quality across the industry and, at a time when the price of raw materials and manufacturing costs are rising, to actively and aggressively promote the competitiveness of Thai latex gloves across the world. To this end, the association has established close relationships with the Thai Rubber Association and with the country’s Ministry of Agriculture and will assist with research, development, logistics, export sales and other industry related issues.

As a leading manufacturer of rubber gloves, TK Bosaeng is an active and supportive participant in TRGMA, with representation on the Association’s Executive Committee. We have always been highly committed to delivering high quality rubber products and are proud of our quality accreditations that include the ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Standard for our processes , the “S” Mark, covering anti-germ penetration and the “KS” Mark awarded in South Korea and South East Asia.

Our aim, through TRGMA, is to push for higher standards and to seek harmonization of the various standards in order to reduce confusion and improve credibility for the Thai rubber gloves industry. Whilst acknowledging the competitiveness within the Thai rubber gloves manufacturers industry, we firmly believe that by driving standards up, innovating and taking advantage of new technologies, all local manufacturers will benefit in sales and profitability.

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