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For over 30 years, TK Bosaeng has been manufacturing rubber gloves and boots for industrial and household usage and has established a strong reputation in the rubber goods market.

But of course, rubber goods manufacturing dates from a great deal earlier; indeed as early as the 16th century, rubber was used as an eraser, and by the early 1800’s its use has expanded considerably, particularly for use as a waterproof fabric, both for clothing and footwear.

In its early form, rubber had the severe disadvantage of becoming brittle in cold weather, a problem overcome in 1840 when, purely by accident, Charles Goodyear discovered the process of vulcanization – the chemical process of adding sulphur to create a more durable and elastic product. This led to a proliferation in rubber products, from the invention of the pneumatic tyre to rubber toys and balls for tennis and golf. Half a century later, in 1895, Michelin adapted the bicycle tyre and inner tube to the automobile and this, more than anything else, led to rubber’s outstanding position in the global market. Not long after, as awareness of hygiene and safety increased, came the introduction and growth in the rubber gloves market, both for household and industrial use.

Throughout this period virtually all rubber was tapped from the untamed rain forests of Brazil and this was a prime factor behind that country’s development through to the 1920’s. However, with rubber tree seeds smuggled out of the country and used to create efficient well-managed plantations in Malaysia, Sri Lanka and other South-East Asian countries, production switched dramatically.

More recently, as Malaysia has switched its economic development to a non-agricultural emphasis and Sri Lanka has suffered from political troubles, so Thailand has come to dominate the production of natural rubber. This was a main factor in TK Bosaeng’s decision to site its new manufacturing facilities in Thailand, close to the rubber plantations and to a logistics network that allows us to cost-effectively produce and distribute our new consumer range of Soson rubber gloves, boots, air mattresses and air cushions throughout the world.

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