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Aug 30 2015

The growth in the rubber gloves industry is in no small part, to the versatility of the products at a time when there are increasing concerns over safety, hygiene, and protection. TK Bosaeng has been manufacturing rubber gloves for over 30 years and has developed specific products to meet the expanding market needs.

In the early days the major demand was from industry, especially Fishing, Construction and Agriculture, where requirements are for protection from heat exposure, chemical and detergent handling, and other heavy duty tasks. The gloves we developed for these purposes are durable, non-penetrative and flexible, and these have set the rubber industry standard for many years.

As technology developed, rubber glove manufacturers were able to produce lighter, more flexible gloves that met the needs of the leisure and domestic market – home gardening, household cleaning, hotels and restaurants, public area cleaning and so on. Most recently, we have launched our new Soson brand of rubber gloves that are specifically formulated to meet the demands in this sector, with slip resistant features, a snug fit and long, protective sleeves.

Over the past decade or so, hygiene in food handling has come under intense scrutiny and has opened up a new, dynamic sector for rubber gloves manufacturers. Again, technology has played its part, creating purpose-designed products, featuring snug fits and high resistance to tearing and water leakage.

Last, but not least, the medical and pharmaceutical professions have become a major user of gloves, with protection for both patient and practitioner paramount. High quality, ultra-slim, disposable gloves are now the norm across these industries, and demand continues to grow.

TK Bosaeng, through its Soson brand, is committed to developing high quality, competitively priced rubber gloves in all market sectors, and, with an extensive logistics network, can supply quickly and efficiently across the globe.

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