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Dec 17 2015

The use of rubber gloves in industry has been increasingly prevalent for over a century, no more so than in the fishing, aquaculture and aqua farming industries. TK Bosaeng has been manufacturing all types of industrial gloves for over 30 years and is highly experienced and knowledgeable in the specific requirements for gloves for the fishing industries.

The need for rubber gloves starts with often dangerous marine fishing, where gloves require additional padding and strength for the handling of large heavy fish such as barracuda and tuna, as well as needing above-the-elbow protection. Those working in this industry toil long, hard days in all types of inclement weather, and they require gloves that are rugged, durable and comfortable.

Further along the chain, at the seafood processing plant, rubber gloves have become increasingly necessary as hygiene and safety standards have rightly improved. From the handling of the raw fish and seafood through to its final packing for retail sales, stringent quality standards for what is highly perishable food demand high levels of hygiene; this particularly includes rubber gloves that must be durable, resistant to splitting or puncturing but also flexible and tactile.

At Bosaeng’s we understand the various needs of the fishing industry sectors and manufacture top quality rubber gloves that are designed to match these requirements. We employ the highest quality standards throughout our manufacturing facilities in Thailand – as our ISO 9001: 2008 accreditation for our factory’s manufacturing processes bears testimony. We welcome all customers, large and small, and have a proud reputation for speedy, on-time delivery, anywhere in the world. If you would like more information about the company or gloves for fishing, including our recently launched consumer brand, Soson , please visit our website at or contact us at: