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Household Rubber Gloves
Almost since the rubber vulcanization process was invented, rubber gloves have been used in industry, particularly the building trade, and in fishing as a means of protecting hands and arms from heavy equipment. The transition to the home took a little longer, but, and on the other, improved manufacturing techniques that have made rubber gloves lighter, more comfortable and, not least, at relatively low prices.
Of course, marketing has also played its part: different brightly colored gloves, new styles with non-slip pads, various designs, advertising by the main brands have all contributed to the growth in this sector, and have helped promote the sector for both male and female in-home usage.

TK Bosaeng has, over the past 30 years, invested heavily in the market, both at its manufacturing premises near Bangkok, Thailand and in supporting its recently launched Soson brand. Key to our production process is flexibility that allows us to vary shapes, sizes and colors very efficiently. As well as our own brand, we work closely with a number of customers to manufacture their own label product which can vary considerably from one specification to another. With complete conformity to rigorous, internationally-accepted standards, we have a enviable reputation for the quality and consistency of all our rubber products; a comprehensive and highly effective logistics network means we can take the order, produce and ship to the client in a very timely manner, at very competitive prices.

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