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Leading the way in South Korea

Major rubber goods manufacturer TK Bosaeng has been producing top quality natural rubber gloves for over 30 years. Established in 1980s in South Korea, the company initially developed a wide range of industrial gloves targeted at the fishing, agricultural and construction industries, and is now the leading brand (TK Bosaeng) in the country. Its products have frequently featured on national South Korean TV, including on famous celebrity shows and even appearing as props in blockbuster movies! The top tier number one industrial glove, leading the South Korean industrial rubber gloves market, Maxpower Industrial Glove in South Korea from Thailand!
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Ranked as a top-tier brand for natural rubber gloves and renowned for offering the most reliable product quality, TK Bosaeng has expanded its product range to include household gloves, for both the domestic and contract cleaning markets.

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More recently the company has expanded its production facilities in Thailand, in order to guarantee a consistent supply of top quality natural latex, and has launched its consumer brand, Soson , which offers a comprehensive range of domestic gloves for the retail markets, both locally and internationally.


To support its quality image the company has relentlessly pursued international quality standard accreditation, including the “S” Mark, covering anti-germ penetration for products, the “KS” Mark awarded in Korea and South East Asia and ISO 9001: 2008 accreditation for the factory’s manufacturing processes. Supported by an extensive global logistics network, TK Bosaeng is able to meet demand for top quality rubber gloves from anywhere in the world, in a timely and cost effective manner.

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