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‘Soson’ ‘Rainbow’ ‘Max power’ gloves, boots, air mattresses and cushions are made from the finest natural rubber extracted from exclusive rubber plantations in Thailand – the best known quality producer in the World, accounting for over 30% of total natural rubber production.

At our chosen sustainable plantations rubber harvesting remains a people business, and the art of “tapping” trees to deliver the sticky, milky latex is a skill passed down over generations. Precise incisions are made in the bark of mature trees and latex will drip into containers – usually half-coconut shells – for about 4 hours. Trees are tapped on alternate or every third day, although the experience of the tapper will determine timing, length, and number of cuts used. Latex will, naturally, coagulate over time and it is important that it is collected whilst still in viscous form. It is then transferred into special tanks and drums before shipment to our processing facilities.

As with any naturally cultivated product, latex quality will vary depending on age of the trees and the plantation’s habitat. At TK Bosaeng, we select the finest, our years of experience in manufacturing ensuring a continual supply of top quality latex for our product range.

Using the latest technology, as many impurities and proteins as possible are removed through a pretreatment and centrifuging process. The treated latex is then “vulcanized”, a procedure that heats the latex which, combined with the use of accelerators, gives strength and elasticity. At this stage, color dyes are added to give our TK Bosaeng products that special uniqueness.

Specially designed moulds (for example, hand-shaped in the case of glove manufacturing) are then dipped into the latex – a unique single stage process to guarantee consistency of thickness and quality – and passed through a warm oven to complete the coagulation process.

Once this process has been completed, the finished items are stripped from the moulds. Finally, the products are chemically treated and washed to remove the natural rubber odor and to ensure a soft, smooth and highly durable finish. Afterwards, products are Q.C checked, packaged and delivered worldwide.

We are able to supply high quality TK Bosaeng rubber goods across the globe, backed by our extensive world-wide logistics network. For more information please visit our website at, or contact us at .