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For over 30 years TK Bosaeng has been manufacturing its top quality rubber gloves and boots using only natural latex, processed from rubber plantations in South East Asia. At a time when there has been an expansion in the use of synthetic materials, the company believes that consistently high quality and environmental concerns ensure that there will always be a place in the market for natural latex products, particularly in its new market sectors of air mattresses and cushions.

Once vulcanized – the chemical process that uses Sulfur to provide durability – natural rubber latex is known to offer great strength and is less prone to tearing and degeneration than most synthetic varieties. This is, of course, important to our new top quality TK Bosaeng brand, that includes rubber gloves, air cushions and air mattresses in its portfolio.

As well, using latex rubber allows us to produce thinner, yet stronger, material which, particularly for rubber gloves, offers the important attributes of tactility and elasticity.

Last, but by no means least, latex, a completely natural plant based material, is farmed from sustainable, environmentally friendly rubber plantations. And, of course, as latex products are totally natural, they easily decompose at the end of their life

Latex allergies do mean that for a very small proportion of the populace – under 1% – natural rubber gloves are not an option. We also recognize that, for a small minority, some chemicals added in the production process of natural rubber may cause allergies and sensitivity. We have heavily researched this and, where possible, have eliminated or reduced their inclusion. While not able to claim complete allergy immunity, we do believe that TK Bosaeng natural latex products are safe, environmentally friendly and offer exceptionally high quality.

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