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Consider, if you will, the times in a day when your hands are exposed to harmful bacteria and potential abrasive damage, whether at home, in the garden or in the workplace. Rubber gloves have become a necessary part of our lives in protecting hands and arms in a wide variety of circumstances.

In the home gloves will protect from detergents and hot water whilst washing up; protect from bacteria when cleaning bathrooms; minimize contact when preparing foods. In the garden they will protect against harmful bacteria in the soil and from prickly plant scratches. In the workplace, they offer obvious protection from machinery, harsh detergents and hazardous materials that can cause skin damage or provoke allergic reactions.

The latex we use at TK Bosaeng, in producing our natural rubber safe gloves, provides great protection whilst, at the same time  – and more than any other material – offers a snug, tactile fit to allow you to perform tasks efficiently. Our gloves, too, have a specifically designed diamond pattern on fingers and palms for slip-resistance, reducing the likelihood of accidents, and our long, tight-fitting cuffs resist tearing and water leakage.

The ‘Soson’ ‘Rainbow’ ‘Max power’ gloves made by TK Bosaeng, are just one product line in a range of top quality rubber goods, including boots, air cushions and air mattresses.

Our total commitment to quality is reflected in the accreditations we have received, including the “S” Mark, covering anti-germ penetration for products and the “KS” Mark awarded in Korea and South East Asia. We are also proud to have been granted ISO 9001: 2008 accreditation for our factory’s manufacturing processes.

Our extensive global logistics network ensures products can be supplied anywhere in the world, quickly and efficiently. For more information please visit our website at, or contact us at