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Oct 03 2016

Major rubber latex gloves supplier TK Bosaeng Glove welcomes the progress made by ASEAN – the 10-nation economic community, comprising Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Malaysia, Philippines and Singapore – as it moves towards creating one of the largest single market economies in the world, facilitating the free movement of goods, services, and people between its members. TK Bosaeng Glove is located in the heart of ASEAN to meet the opportunities in Asean latex gloves market.

With a long-held excellent reputation for the production of top quality rubber gloves, and with manufacturing facilities located in Thailand, close to its raw material source and at the heart of the community, the company expects to significantly benefit from the closer ties across South East Asia. TK Bosaeng Glove produces a comprehensive range of natural latex gloves catering for all industrial and household needs, including the food processing, cleaning services, retail, wholesale, fishing, agriculture and household sectors.

The recent successful launch of its Bosaeng brand for both local and export markets is already benefiting from the new single market and the company also provides OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing) natural rubber gloves for a number of clients. Flexible manufacturing processes, ease of access, competitive pricing, consistently high quality standards and efficient logistics systems make TK Bosaeng Glove the ideal partner and supplier of rubber gloves throughout the ASEAN community.

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