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Natural Rubber and Latex Gloves, Naturally the Best!

Natural rubber latex gloves continue to dominate the market, despite competition from synthetic alternatives, for a number of reasons:

– Food processing is increasingly subject to Health & Safety rules and regulations and there is undoubtedly a real perception that natural, rather than synthetic, rubber is more appropriate for touching and handling food because of natural rubber is organic and from nature.

– Natural rubber latex is highly elastic and flexible, forming a very tactile hand fit and thus delivers a better, more efficient solution in the workplace. Natural rubber latex glove reduces hand fatigue and takes the form of the hand.

– Natural rubber latex products, unlike their synthetic counterparts, are bio-degradable and friendlier to the environment.

– The historical negative that natural rubber latex contains allergies for a tiny proportion of the population is being overcome as production processes are now eliminating most allergies.

For the past 30 years TK Bosaeng Glove has been at the forefront, in Asia, of natural rubber latex glove manufacturing, producing highly ergonomic gloves that reduce hand fatigue and ensure that workers are comfortable and productive in their working environment.

With manufacturing facilities in Thailand, a country renowned for its high quality natural rubber latex, and with a stringent quality control procedure for raw material sourcing, we are confident that our natural rubber latex gloves offer consistency, top quality and competitive prices. Our commitment to innovation and product development means we now produce latex gloves for virtually every industrial, household, and domestic need – our latex gloves are perfect for a wide variety of working environments, offer superb comfort, are pleasantly scented, and are available in a range of sizes and colors. Through our two brands, ‘Maxpower’ and ‘Soson’, we cover all market sectors and can also manufacture own-specification products as required. Our comprehensive logistics network allows us to meet customers’ needs quickly and cost-effectively anywhere in the world.

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