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Dec 02 2016

A Year of Progress

TK Bosaeng Glove, one of South-East Asia’s leading natural rubber latex gloves manufacturers, will look back on 2016 with a great deal of satisfaction. At a time when competition from synthetic manufacturers and from market price pressures have been significant, the company has responded with conviction and growth.

New Markets, New Customers

New customers and partners in the food processing and cleaning industries have been gained, leading to robust rubber glove sales increases. Similarly, new markets in the Middle East have opened up excellent sales potential. These, together with ever-growing customer satisfaction, highlighted by strong repeat orders, have resulted in a 100% increase in factory output. TK Bosaeng Glove’s ability to meet this significant growth is testimony to the investment made in its manufacturing facilities in Thailand, to recruiting top professionals, and to its single-minded pursuit of quality excellence.


The company has long recognized the strategic importance of new product development in its long term planning, and 2016 has been a successful year for innovation in the rubber gloves market. The company has introduced new sizes, new double-color gloves, and a new household range incorporating a different, unique style and shape. In recent months, flock lined gloves have been introduced. Flocklined gloves are easy to put on and take off and more resistant to snagging and puncturing.

Market Building

As a leader in the rubber gloves market, TK Bosaeng Glove is committed to building a vigorous market in both the short and long term. This year has seen participation in the International Rubber Glove Conference & Exhibition sponsored by the Malaysian Rubber Gloves Manufacturers Association (MARGMA) and an active membership role in the Thai Rubber Gloves Manufacturers Association (TRGMA).

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