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Challenges & Prospects (Rubber Gloves Market 2017)

2017 promises to be a demanding year for manufacturers of natural rubber gloves. The raw material price has risen by almost 60% over the past 12 months. This rise, linked to higher production costs, will lead to price rises for the consumer. Synthetic glove manufacturers will see some benefit from this, although expected price increases in crude oil and other materials will act as a counter balance. Product Price rise is expected in 2017.

Market Growth

Nevertheless, we expect to see market growth of 6-8% over the course of 2017. Hygiene concerns, especially in food processing, and higher health and safety standards will, we believe, lead to a higher demand. The rubber gloves market 2017 will grow at a steady pace for industrial and household gloves. Medical and examination gloves demand will grow at a constant growth rate, unless there is an unexpected outbreak or disease like MERS, H1N, ZIKA, etc.

Natural Rubber Latex Gloves

natural rubber glove manufacturing

At TK Bosaeng Glove, we believe that natural rubber goods will continue to lead the market, despite the rising costs, as biodegradability and environmental concerns  continue to play an important role in purchasing decisions. More companies are moving towards a “Green Concept” and applying Corporate Social Responsibility practices in day to day operations. Natural rubber latex gloves are environmentally friendly and non-hazardous to nature. The progress made in reducing Type I and type IV allergies in latex gloves will ensure that adverse reaction is negated, and pro-active new product development will continue to build new markets. We are already introducing new sizes, ranges and colors, including dual color designs, building on an impressive record of innovation. Quality standards continue to improve, and we are proud of our quality accreditation across the world.

Global Market Demand

Mature markets, as is the case in most of Europe, will remain stagnant and grow at a slow rate, but Asia, and in particular ASEAN countries, will continue to offer great growth potential. The United States will remain one the biggest end-users of rubber gloves, especially synthetic nitrile gloves, however with climate change impact, and new technologies used in producing latex gloves to reduce allergies, latex gloves will be highly considered by many for daily operations. With the increasing focus on climate change, we believe that the natural rubber gloves market will overcome the challenges, confident that latex products will always be the best choice for those who want to make a difference.

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