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Rubber Gloves Protection: For over 30 years it has been accepted that the wearing of rubber gloves offers an increased level of protection against viral and infectious transmission. Over that period, numerous studies have been undertaken that have proved conclusively that there are significant protective benefits.

The UK Health and Safety Executive, for example, has long stated that “gloves play an important role in protecting workers from exposure to blood-borne viruses, especially where there is a risk of injury, such as a puncture wound.” And the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention notes that “rubber gloves reduce hand contamination by 70 to 80 percent, prevent cross-contamination and protect patients and health care personnel from infection”.

Rubber Gloves Protection & Latex Gloves Benefits

Natural latex remains the favored material for rubber gloves, due to its superior structural attributes of stretch and elasticity. In 2003, in the opinion of a scientific committee on medicinal products and medical devices on ‘The Protection offered by Natural Rubber Latex Medical Gloves’ noted that: “natural rubber latex gloves offer good protection against transmission of viral infections”, and that “in general, in terms of leakage properties, no alternative material has been found to be superior to natural rubber latex.”

TK Bosaeng Glove has been manufacturing natural rubber gloves for over 30 years and has an outstanding reputation for consistently high quality, innovation and solid working practices.

Our Clients & Customers

We ensure that all gloves produced in our facilities in Thailand, whether for our own brands, Maxpower , Soson, Bosaeng, or for other brands (OEM), all quality standards are strictly adhered to. We serve international, regional, multi-national, and local clients, focusing on high quality products.

When we produce gloves for our clients, we ensure that we meet their specifications and requirements. All of our clients are important key-players in their industries, whether its facilities services, cleaning industries, or food production/processing plants, we focus on our clients’ employee satisfaction and staff protection.


We are committed to producing rubber gloves that will improve protection in all walks of life and in particular protection against viral and infectious transmissions. If you want to find out more about our products and practices, more information is available on our website at or feel free to contact us at: Email: marketing@