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The skin is the body’s largest organ, offering a protective barrier against external factors. Skin care and hand hygiene play a key role in protecting the body against pathogens like viruses, bacteria and fungi, and help to moderate water loss. As well, it insulates and regulates temperatures. Skin care and hand hygiene, therefore, are important both to the individual and to anyone that person is in contact with.

Rubber gloves, in many walks of life, provide skin protection and act as a barrier to the transmission of pathogens.

Industrial Protection

In industry, health and safety regulations have increasingly recognized the protective role that rubber gloves offer. Latex gloves have been offering a protection barrier in various industries and the use of rubber gloves has become a standard operating procedure.


Many industries such as Aerospace, Automotive, Beauty, Cleaning, Food Production, Food Processing, Food handling, Laboratory, Medical, Healthcare, Public Works, and many others have stressed the importance of protecting their employees. Many companies focus on their workers productivity in order to meet their deadlines, results, and goals, so the importance of having a healthy workforce has an effect on the company’s overall performance. If an employee contracts an infection and then applies his tasks and duties where the requirements of gloves are crucial in safety and hygiene, this individual is increasing the potential transmission of such infections and viruses through contact.

For example, a cleaning company employee touches many surfaces and items during the cleaning process. If this person does not use gloves, he or she might develop a skin disease based on the chemicals used or surfaces touched. Once this employee seeks healthcare, he is out of his work, which effects in company’s productivity and overall performance. This can also cause issues at home.


In the home, latex gloves can offer protection during domestic cleaning and gardening. They also have a role to play when coming into contact with vulnerable people, children and babies in particular, to avoid transmitting bacteria and viruses.

It is important to note that skin care, hand hygiene, and the use of rubber latex gloves can reduce infections and viruses by 60% to 80%, and it can also protect the skin from contracting hand eczema or any other diseases. Overall, rubber gloves can protect an individual at work, at home, and any other place.

Our Latex Gloves

At TK Bosaeng Glove, we have long recognized the importance of rubber gloves in the protection and care of the skin. Our natural latex gloves are purposely designed with strong barrier-proof properties and we have developed ranges for a wide spectrum of uses for both industry and home use. We produce rubber latex gloves that are ergonomically fit, in order to reduce hand fatigue. By using natural latex, we are able to produce a thinner, yet stronger material, thus offering considerable attributes of tactility and elasticity.

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