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Fighting toxicity with rubber gloves is essential to protect yourself, your home, your family, and others who may come in contact with you. Any skin contact is a potential source of exposure to hazardous and toxic materials, and rubber gloves are the most reliable and convenient means to protect hands and arms.

Rubber Latex Gloves are advised for everyday use

Long-recognized in heavy industries such as fishing, agriculture and building, where gloves have been a necessary requirement for decades, glove usage has become increasingly important in the home. Advances in technology, coupled with investment in R&D by companies like TK Bosaeng Glove, have led to natural rubber gloves becoming thinner, stronger and more tactile to meet the needs of the expanding domestic market. They are now common in just about every household, for use when washing dishes, house cleaning, washing pets, cleaning fresh fruit and vegetables, protecting and fighting toxicity in infected or hazardous areas…the list is endless.


Importance of gloves in personal protection

There is little doubt that natural latex gloves afford excellent protection and, at TK Bosaeng Glove, we have been at the forefront of Research and Development to ensure our products offer the best possible protection, and are ideally suited for a myriad of household tasks. In recent times our Maxpower and Soson brand of rubber gloves, targeted at the domestic market, has enjoyed great success, with its popular range of sizes and colors demonstrating the rising recognition that gloves are essential protective wear in the home.

The use of rubber gloves can protect the user from contracting germs, bacteria, or get in contact with dangerous materials that can affect his health or the health of those around him. It is better to take precautions and be safe, rather than suffering from illnesses, toxins, or hazardous infections.

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