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Feb 01 2017

The cleaning services industry operates in public and industrial places such as schools, hospitals, offices, stations, airports and food and beverage production sites. It uses a wide variety of cleaning methods, chemicals, and equipment to facilitate and expedite the cleaning process. Protection for its workers is, therefore, critical, with rubber gloves a key component for both safety and hygiene.


Companies in this sector have a key responsibility to both their customers and employees. Safety is an absolute priority and stringent controls and regulations apply to the sector to help to ensure the safety of workers (human exposure) and of the environment. Most workers in the sector are unskilled and require training; therefore the onus is on the employing company to ensure its staff are fully aware of the potential dangers from not wearing gloves and other protective clothing.

Our Rubber Gloves in the Cleaning Services Industry

As a leading manufacturer of natural rubber gloves we, at TK Bosaeng Glove, recognize the importance of worker safety in the cleaning sector, and have developed products that are specifically designed to protect against the sometimes harsh and stringent chemicals used, yet are comfortable to wear, flexible and not detrimental to productivity. We know, too, that the gloves need to be hard-wearing, resistant to tearing and fully protective, both for hands and arms. Latex, with its natural strength and elasticity, provides the best raw material to meet all these requirements and has the additional benefit of easily decomposing at the end of its life, thus offering an environmentally-friendly option.

  1. We produce rubber latex gloves to meet worldwide best practices to optimize quality, internal efficiency, and productivity. Our latex gloves are manufactured with one purpose, for the sake of employees (users) and the environment. We have partnered closely with a global cleaning companies in order to drive quality and continuous innovation of rubber gloves used in their daily cleaning services. Providing best quality gloves for our customers in the cleaning services industry means that we adhere to the Service Level Agreement (SLA) and quality standards. Sustainable quality over a longer period of time is one of the things that differentiates us from competitors.

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