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Beauty industry gloves are vital for protection and well-being of both customers and employees. The beauty market sector, covering salons, barber shops, nail spa, tattoo parlors, massage salons and a whole lot more, is immense, booming and resistant to economic downturns. It is also a potential source of illness for its technicians, ailments that can be substantially reduced by wearing rubber gloves.

Gloves protection from chemicals

A wide range of harsh chemicals is used in the business, including acetone, toluene, methyl ethyl ketone and isopropyl acetate, and prolonged exposure via skin contact can cause burns and skin irritations, especially dermatitis. According to research carried out by the Occupational Dermatology Research and Education Centre in Melbourne, 61 per cent of practicing hairdressers have experienced some form of skin problem on their hands, usually contact dermatitis, during their career. Shampoos and conditioners, dyes, bleach, wax, massage oils, skin products, nail glues and nail polishes – the daily tools of the business – all contain chemicals that can affect the skin and may lead to dermatitis.

It therefore is important that businesses in the sector provide its technicians, therapists, stylists, and employees with the knowledge and wherewithal for proper hand protection at all times, especially when coloring hair, and when handling hair dyes, bleach, and perming solutions. Natural latex gloves as beauty industry gloves, are regarded as the most suitable for guarding against chemicals and pathogens whilst providing the comfort and dexterity necessary for the work involved.

Beauty Industry Gloves

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