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Rubber Gloves Automotive Industry: In heavy duty industries, such as the automotive industry, hands are in use almost constantly, and protection is essential. Technicians working in metal stamping and assembly use dangerous tools and can be exposed to sharp edges causing cuts and abrasions; in the paint room, there are the potential dangers of chemical exposure and heat burns. Tough, heavy duty rubber gloves that are puncture and chemical resistant, are, therefore, a pre-requisite in the industry. At the same time technicians need to perform their tasks with a high degree of precision – thus the gloves must offer a high level of dexterity.


TK Bosaeng Glove & Auto Industry

TK Bosaeng Glove has been supplying natural rubber gloves to all major industry sectors for over 30 years and we are deeply aware of the specific needs of the rubber gloves for the automotive sector. All our gloves have been extensively tested for durability, resistance and consistency; importantly, they have been designed with raised textures for an enhanced grip and a high level of dexterity to deliver the precision necessary in the industry.

Latex gloves are the best when it comes to comfort, elasticity, flexibility, and dexterity. Rubber gloves function as a protection against many chemicals and they act as barrier to hazardous materials, thus making rubber gloves perfect in the automotive industry.

Hazard & Danger Assessment

A risk assessment can be performed by a safety professional familiar with the task. The hazard assessment begins with knowing what chemicals or combination of chemicals the task or job requires. The next step is to determine the chemicals’ toxic properties by reviewing Safety Data Sheet(s) (SDS). Attention should be given to various sections and more to toxicological information such as potential local skin effects, as well as potential absorption through the skin, and resultant acute, and chronic effects.

When reviewing the job requirements, the degree of dexterity required for each task must be taken into account. Tasks that require fine motor skills, such as laboratory work, may require a thinner glove material, while operations such as industrial parts cleaning may require thicker gloves. At TK Bosaeng Glove, we have the range and variety to meet those various demands.

Also, the length of exposure to the chemicals must be considered. Some tasks may require only splash protection or include intermittent contact, while others may involve complete immersion or continual contact with the chemicals. Other factors to consider are chemical concentration and temperature.

Our Commitment

We are committed to using natural latex in our glove manufacturing, as the material offers significant advantages that satisfy the many needs of automotive workers:

– Latex gloves have high resistance to many chemicals, such as iodine and butane, making them ideal for automotive technicians

– Latex gloves offer greater elasticity and better puncture resistance than alternative glove materials

– Latex gloves provide more comfort in harsh environments, important when worn for long periods at a time.

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