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Food Preparation Gloves can be used by anyone from the person serving bakery to a chef in a professional kitchen. Gloves can protect the person during a variety of applications, from cutting meat to simply preparing a sandwich.

Food preparation – preparing food for eating, generally requires selection, measurement and combination of ingredients in an ordered procedure so as to achieve desired results. Food preparation includes but is not limited to cooking.

Kimchi Gloves for South Korea

Kimchi Gloves for South Korea

Food Preparation Protection – At Work and in the Home

Nowhere is food handled more frequently than in meal preparation. From fine-dine restaurants to local inns, work canteens, nursing homes, hospitals and even in the home, food ingredients are daily sliced, diced, boiled, fried, roasted and then served to appreciatively hungry people.

Protection both for the end user and for the preparer is, therefore, critical. The potential for the transmission of harmful bacteria and toxins is high and the wearing of gloves a key health and safety issue. Natural rubber gloves, with their renowned elasticity, resilience to tearing and comfort-ability have long been the best choice in the industry, as all employers seek to minimize the associated risks of food handling. The workers, themselves, must recognize the benefits of protection to themselves, as well.

In the home, protection when food handling and preparation is just as important, and regular wearing of rubber gloves will protect the family from possible food contamination as well as providing hand and skin care to the user.

Food Preparation Gloves

TK Bosaeng Glove produces natural latex rubber gloves for a wide range of domestic and industrial usage. With over 30 years experience in the market, and as the leading manufacturer in Asia, we are fully aware of the importance of the requirements for protection in food preparation. All our gloves are non-toxic, thus safe for handling food, and all are made from natural latex, and are therefore bio-degradable and environmentally friendly. We are able, through a sophisticated and extensive network, to deliver anywhere in the world speedily and cost-effectively. If you are looking for top quality natural rubber gloves at highly competitive prices, feel free to get in touch.

kimchi gloves

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