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Gloves in manufacturing are vital for safety. Hazards exist in every workplace and so strategies to protect workers are essential. Personal Protection Equipment (PPE), including rubber gloves, plays an important role in protecting the workforce from injury.

Personal Protective Equipment

In the 21st century, most industries recognize and adhere to Health and Safety procedures and legislation, and work hard to control any potential hazard at its source as this will eliminate it from the workplace altogether or isolate it from the worker. Nevertheless, in many circumstances hazards cannot be removed or controlled adequately and PPE must be used if the work process is to continue safely and efficiently.

Gloves in Manufacturing

Industrial Gloves in Manufacturing

Damage to hands and fingers account for over 25% of injuries in the workplace; consequently gloves are a particularly important PPE item. The available ranges, particularly with natural rubber gloves, are almost as extensive as the breadth of industry. From the lightness of touch required in  gem and jewelry manufacture through to heavy steel fabrication, protection of the hands is critical. The correct choice of gloves, and ensuring the workforce wear them, will ensure adherence to health and safety legislation, protect employees and improve productivity.

Rubber Gloves Manufacturer

It is imperative, too, that rubber glove manufacturers help in the selection process. At TK Bosaeng Glove, successful brand leading natural rubber glove manufacturer for over 30 years, we work diligently to ensure:

– all quality standards are sought and adhered to

– all gloves are produced to a consistently high quality

– gloves are labelled distinctively and correctly

– gloves offer comfort, “fit”, and flexibility, so workers are not encumbered

– products are available for a wide range of industrial usage

Our rubber glove manufacturing facilities in Thailand are fully equipped with processes to ensure both product consistency and flexibility. Backed by a global logistics network that ensures we can deliver speedily and on time, we believe we can offer the best quality gloves at highly competitive prices.

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