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Agriculture Rubber Gloves

In the agriculture and farming industries, workers are typically involved a a wide range of tasks where rubber gloves are necessary as a protective barrier. Working with livestock, handling chemicals such as herbicides and disinfectants, dealing with contaminated soil, using agricultural machinery, are all areas that can cause injury and harm.

Livestock handlers need to ensure they are not passing diseases from infected animals to healthy animals; in the dairy farming sector, in particular, rubber gloves help prevent the spread of bacteria – key where a sick animal is unproductive until it can be brought back to health.

During the handling of plants and plant products, latex gloves provide protection for workers from fertilizers pesticide residues, soil contamination and from cuts and abrasions.

Agricultural machinery has the potential to seriously injure workers and protection of the hands is critical. Tractors, grain augers, hay balers, and combine harvesters can cause extensive soft tissue and bone trauma within seconds, and therefore protective gloves must be able to resist punctures, impacts, and crushing forces.

Within the agricultural and farming sectors, it is also important to bear in mind that rubber gloves should be used by veterinarians and government and private inspectors, for self protection and to ensure the integrity of agricultural facilities.

With all the potential hazards that come with working in the agriculture industry, finding a glove that can stand up to environments filled with chemicals, bacteria, and other contaminants is essential.

Manufacturer of Rubber Gloves

At TK Bosaeng Glove, we have been manufacturing industrial natural rubber gloves for over 30 years, and have invested heavily in research and development to ensure our products are suitable for the needs of most industrial sectors. Natural rubber provides the optimum balance between protection and flexibility. It possesses excellent tensile, stretch, and tear-resistant qualities and is highly elastic and flexible, forming a very tactile hand fit.  Also, natural rubber gloves, unlike their synthetic counterparts, are bio-degradable and friendlier to the environment.

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