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Gloves in veterinary clinics and breeding farms

Veterinary gloves, farming gloves, & breeding farms gloves play a vital role in the industry. The use of latex gloves in the medical profession is globally recognized; protection of both staff and patients is of paramount importance. However, in veterinary clinics and on breeding farms there has been a slower acceptance of the need for protective gloves – a recent survey in Australia suggests that a third of veterinary practices in Australia don’t have complete infection control kits available, 25% don’t provide any training to staff about their use and 45% of vets had contracted infections from animals during their careers.

Gloves Protection against diseases & infections

Diseases spread between animals and people (known as zoonotic diseases) are very common. Scientists estimate that more than 6 out of every 10 known infectious disease and 3 out of every 4 new or emerging infectious disease in people are spread from animals. Zoonotic diseases can be caused by germs including viruses, bacteria, parasites, and fungi and can cause many different types of illnesses in people and animals ranging from mild to serious. And, of course, one of the inherent risks in the practice of veterinary medicine and on breeding farms is exposure to zoonotic agents.

Typically those employed in the sectors will be examining and, perhaps, carrying out surgery on a wide range of animals. From exposure to cat scratches and bites right through to handling venomous snakes, the potential for exposure is high, and glove protection fundamentally important. Disposable latex gloves are the most common  but sometimes thicker gloves with more protection are required in which case industrial gloves are preferred.

Rubber Gloves Manufacturer (TK Bosaeng Glove)

TK Bosaeng Glove is one of Asia’s leading suppliers of natural rubber gloves and offers an impressively wide range, suitable for Veterinary gloves, farming gloves, & breeding farms gloves and most industrial usage. We pride ourselves on producing consistently high standard products and our total commitment to quality is reflected in the accreditations we have been awarded. These include Food Contact Safe, “S” Mark, covering anti-germ penetration for products, the “KS” Mark awarded in Korea and South East Asia and European Conformity CE Mark certification. We are also proud to have been granted ISO 9001: 2008 accreditation for our factory’s manufacturing processes.

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