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Aug 07 2017

Construction Industry

In the construction industry there is an important part where construction gloves play a vital role. Workers are required to do tasks where their hands are invariably the primary tools of their trade – and studies suggest that 25% of lost-time injuries involve the hands. It is obvious, then, that rubber gloves can play an important protective role in the industry.

The industry, of course, covers a broad and diverse range of occupations – builders, carpenters, plumbers, electricians, concrete layers, painters, to name a few. Often, workers are self-employed, without any recourse in the event of injury.


Did you know?

Each profession exposes technicians to different risks, but perhaps the most common is dermatitis where continual wetting and drying of the skin, as well as handling some particular substances will cause the skin to dry out, flake, split and crack. Cement, abrasive hand cleaners, solvents, saw dust, fiberglass, glues and adhesives, putty and sealants and friction from using machinery are all potential causes of dermatitis, all of which can be protected against by wearing latex gloves.

As well, once the skin is damaged with dermatitis, it increases the chance of developing further problems, particularly from allergens. Common allergens in the construction industry include epoxy resin and hardeners; chromate in cement; formaldehyde resins in the manufacture of chipboard; chemicals used in paints, stains and varnishes; turpentine; wood glues – an extensive list that demonstrates the breadth of tasks involved in the construction industry where the wearing of gloves should be essential.

Construction Gloves

With any work glove users want something that will deliver on hand protection and performance, and yet be barely noticeable. TK Bosaeng Glove is one of Asia’s leading glove producer, and has been providing protection in the workplace for more than 30 years. We offer a wide range of natural latex gloves specifically designed for use in all sectors of the construction industry. Our gloves are fully tested for consistency and durability, and, with our production site very close to Thailand’s high regarded natural rubber plantations, we know we can offer the best quality at highly competitive prices.

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