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Nov 07 2017

Responding to Retail Demand

Over the past two decades, the retail market for rubber gloves has expanded rapidly, both for industrial and for domestic usage. The industrial sector has rapidly responded to rigorous healthy and safety legislation to protect its workforce and the goods it produces. Domestically, improved knowledge concerning hygiene and the protection of the family from bacteria means rubber gloves are now found in just about every household, in bright attractive colors, in all shapes and sizes.

Major supermarket and hardware chains, wholesalers, cash & carry’s, local “mama & papa” stores all display a wide range of products, and the competition between brands and own label lines is intense. This, in turn, has led to higher R&D investment, better quality products and competitive pricing policies, all of which have been recognized and acted upon by TK Bosaeng, South East Asia’s leading manufacturer.

We have built partnerships with various customers. As well as building our own brands, we have been supplying to various well known companies under their own label. Our flexible manufacturing facilities, and renowned product quality means we can guarantee OEM specifications at highly competitive prices.

Rubber gloves in retail are fast moving consumer goods and we at TK Bosaeng Glove understand the importance of the following characteristics:

  • High volumes
  • Extensive distribution networks
  • High stock turnover
Rubber Gloves Retail

TK Bosaeng Glove in Thailand

Our decision to relocate to Thailand was very much influenced by these market dynamics. In particular:

Raw material quality: Thailand is routinely recognized for producing the best quality latex in the world and our production site is situated next to some of Thailand’s best rubber plantations. This gives us the consistency and superiority of quality demanded by retailer and end-user alike.

Costs: By sourcing all the necessary materials in Thailand and ensuring that our facilities are cost effective, we are able to offer competitive prices.

Flexibility: Our facilities are purposely designed to produce a wide range of sizes, thicknesses and colors, sometimes in short production runs, to meet the needs of our customers.

Logistics: We know – and concur with – the unstinting demands from retailers to have the right products at the right place in a timely manner.
Our site is deliberately located close to Thailand’s major sea and land transport hubs which allows us move product swiftly. As well, we have built a comprehensive global logistics network that allows us to efficiently supply rubber gloves anywhere in the world.

We can, and do, produce quality rubber gloves, in different sizes, colors and specifications across all trade sectors – wholesale, retail and end user, both for household and industrial use.

These factors, together with our quality reputation built over the past 30 years, have delivered successful growth for our “Max power and Soson” brands and for our many OEM (own label) customers.
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