About Us

TK Bosaeng Glove is Thailand’s finest manufacturer of latex rubber gloves and boots. The company has been producing for over 35 years, initially in South Korea – where we are the strong market leader – and now in Thailand. We enjoy an excellent global reputation for high quality, comfortable, natural and sustainable rubber products.


Originally manufacturing durable, long lasting multi-purpose rubber gloves primarily for industrial and agricultural use, we have now taken our technical know-how and years of experience to launch, world-wide, the Ariss brand, an innovative range of latex gloves for various market sectors, from household to industrial activities.


The purpose-built manufacturing facilities are situated close to the best rubber plantations in Thailand to ensure a continuous supply of high quality raw materials, and TK Bosaeng Glove has pioneered production processes to ensure our products are always of consistent and superior quality. The highest quality standards have been sought, and we are proud of our quality and conformity accreditations.


ISO 9001:2008 (Factory manufacturing processes) CE Mark (European conformity)
FDA 21 – 177.2600 (Food Contact Safe) KS Mark (Korean Standards for Korea and Asia)
S Mark (Anti-germ & anti-bacteria penetration)


With flexible and efficient production processes, TK Bosaeng Glove can offer a range of sizes and colors to perfectly suit any need and preference, either through our Bosaeng and Ariss brands or as OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing) products.


We have developed an efficient world-wide logistics network that allows for speedy delivery, competitive pricing and hassle-free distribution. Our clients are truly international, operating in numerous markets, both developed and emerging, across the globe.