Corporate Profile



  • TK Bosaeng has enjoyed great success in the manufacture of durable rubber gloves for over 35 years.
  • 1979 – The company’s first factory was established in Busan, South Korea and a range of rubber gloves was launched under the TK Bosaeng brand name. Quickly successful, production was doubled and by 1981, the company was selling 800,000 pairs of latex gloves per annum.
  • 1982 – To facilitate further growth, new factory premises were occupied in Busan and rubber boots were launched – natural latex rubber products, unique in the market at that time – and the company name was changed to Bosaeng, capitalizing on the success of the brand. By 1990, domestic sales in South Korea, together with the opening of a new export market in Japan led to a significant increase in sales of both latex gloves and rubber boots. The main markets were agriculture, farming, rice farming, and the fishing industry.
  • 1991 – Rising raw material requirements, allied to the opportunity for greater cost efficiencies led to a transfer of production to Sri Lanka, aided by a BOI investment, and two factories were built. South Korea remained the key market but exports expanded into Taiwan and United Arab Emirates as well as Japan. Sales of rubber gloves rose annually along with production capacity. Towards the end of the 20th century, political and economic turmoil, coupled with rising raw materials and labor difficulties, led to the closure of the Sri Lankan operation and a complete reappraisal of the company’s manufacturing, marketing and sales activities.
  • Early 2000’s – TK Bosaeng Gloves re-opened its operation in Thailand through a joint venture, attracted by the high quality of raw materials, government aid and cost-efficient manufacturing processes. This began with a comprehensive research project, which determined there was an unfulfilled high potential demand for quality rubber gloves and boots within the Kingdom; indeed, TK Bosaeng Gloves obtained a patent for rubber boots in Thailand.
  • 2009 – A new factory was commissioned, located in Chachoengsao province, just 40 kilometers from the nation’s capital, Bangkok, close to rubber tree plantations and to excellent transport and shipping networks. Full production commenced and sales within Thailand and into the company’s original home market of South Korea, improved steadily.
  • 2015 – TK Bosaeng increased production capacity and implemented a new management structure that included the hiring of new, highly qualified professionals. New export markets were opened and the company, in recognition of its position in the Thai rubber gloves market, was elected to the executive committee of the Thai Rubber Gloves Manufacturers Association (TRGMA).
  • 2016 – New team members were hired and the company has introduced several new ranges of gloves brand ‘Soson’ ‘Rainbow’ and ‘Max power’
  • 2018 – TK Bosaeng Glove obtained a patent for children rubber glove in South Korea no.10-2018-0145754. Under ‘Soson’ brand and we have many colors for kids.


Our aim is to be the leading global supplier of high quality, safe and cost efficient gloves and rubber products to both the international and domestic markets.


Our mission is to deliver profitable growth in rubber products through quality, innovation and first class customer service. We will achieve this by building healthy and successful partnerships, by a commitment to strong marketing support and by providing a dynamic and challenging environment for our employees.


BELIEF – that our aims will be achieved through satisfying the needs of our customers, partners and employees
OWNERSHIP – of, and commitment to everything we do, how we do it and for whom we do it.
SAFETY – in product performance, manufacturing processes, logistical systems
AMBITION – to be the best, to drive on the fast lane to success
EFFICIENCY – in doing the right things in the right way
NATURE-AWARE – through raw material sustainability and operational effectiveness
GROWTH – through innovation, top product quality, unsurpassed customer service


TK Bosaeng Gloves takes its corporate social responsibility very seriously in order to ensure an active compliance with the spirit of the law, ethical standards and international norms. In particular we apply strict guidelines in observing key CSR criteria – good corporate governance; community investment and volunteering; good human resources management; adherence to international standards and guidelines.