Through a commitment to consistently high quality, product innovation and competitive pricing, TK Bosaeng Glove has built up a broad clientele in a wide range of industries that includes:

Automotive Beauty Cleaning services
Laboratories Food processing Food production
Steel fabrication Manufacturing Agriculture
Farming Public services Fishing (aquaculture)
Domestic Stewarding Veterinary
Safety Hygiene Personal Protective Equipment

Increased awareness and concerns over safety and hygiene has significantly influenced the demand for rubber gloves and latex gloves across all markets sectors and TK Bosaeng Glove has developed glove ranges that perfectly meet the needs of both industry and the retail market. This is complemented by first class logistics networks that ensure we can deliver quickly, on time, anywhere in the world.


TK Bosaeng Glove is whole-heartedly committed to the development of the rubber goods industry and is a participant in a number of organizations that help promote the industry, both in Thailand and internationally. These include:

Thai Rubber Gloves Manufacturer Association Federation of Thai Industries
GS1 (global barcodes) Department of International Trade Promotion, Thailand – Export Member